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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

My works for me Wednesday tip is to have cleaning caddies. I separated my cleaning products into sections of my home.

1. I have a bathroom caddy with tub and toilet cleaner, Windex, bleach, rubber gloves, toilet brush refills, paper towels etc.
2. I have a main house caddy with dusting spray, dusting cloth, Windex, air freshener refills, chlorox wipes for doors and knobs etc.
3. I have a kitchen caddy with antibacterial spray, mop spray refill, and pads, dust pan, sponges etc.

This makes cleaning so much easier, but also if one of my children is in charge of that particular area, they do not have to keep coming asking what cleaning item to use and where it is located.

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ellen b said...

I love my cleaning caddies too! Blessings...