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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

Isabelle Pearl
Isabelle was born on January 28th at 4:44 in the morning. My room was filled with some of my most treasured friends and family. My mama and sister, Katy were there for this birth. This was huge because we have always lived far from my family. Then I had my friends Angie, Lisa and Raquel (who starting with this birth became my own personal labor coach). My mom had started out holding my hand and putting the wash cloth on my head and just guiding me, but she soon decided to hand the job over to Raquel. Not because she wasn't willing, but because Raquel just has a way about calming me and making me laugh. (With Sophie, I had to beg her and Phil to quit crackin' jokes...it hurt to laugh, but I just couldn't stop! Remember the hat conversation, Raquel? I still laugh about that! ;)) Anyway, Gabrielle was able to be there for this one, and was a part of almost the whole thing. When she was born, I couldn't believe it was so easy! But that is what happens when you have a baby 3 pounds less than the first one!
She had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks due to breathing problems. There, they nickname all the babies, and they named Isabelle "Perfect Princess" She was not only so easy and relaxed, but she was beautiful! She had the most perfect, bright red, heart-shaped lips and she was so tiny!
Even now, she is such a peaceful little girl. She never went through the terrible 2's and I can probably count on one hand the number of times she has thrown a fit. She is a daddy's girl and a mama's girl at the same time and she has such a special bond with each of her siblings. They spent half the day preparing cards and a scavenger hunt for her. Each of them spent their allowance on gifts for her. Even Sophie has a special connection. We all say we should have named her Tinkerbell. She prances about everywhere, rarely just "walks" anywhere and I swear she leaves a trail of pixie dust where ever she goes. When she talks, it sounds like it comes out with bubbles. She is such a joy to our whole family...even some of our newest friends see something special about her. Thankyou Jennifer for her birthday cake and for making her feel so special!
We love you Isabelle and Happy 4th Birthday!Here is a part of Karen Kingsbury's book, Let Me Hold You Longer. The Lasts
Long ago you came to me, a miracle of firsts. First smiles and teeth and baby steps, a sunbeam on the burst. But one day you will move away and leave me to your past, And I will be left thinking of a lifetime of your lasts.
The last time that I held a bottle to your baby lips,
Last time that I lifted you and held you on my hip.
Last time that you had a binky stuck inside your mouth,
The last time that you crawled across the floor of this old house.
Last time when you ran to me, still small enough to hold.
The last time you said you’d marry me when you grew old.
Precious, simple moments and bright flashes from the past.Would I have held you longer if I’d known they were your last?
I encourage you today to cherish your children! Hug them, kiss them, and love them. They won't be little for long! What sort of things will you miss when your child grows up?


Sweet Talk said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!! She is definately a special little girl. Then again all of your kids are special blessings. We had SO much fun yesterday thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for ALL of your help!! We love you guys!

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle, I can not believe she is 4!!

Kari said...

They grow so fast! But it is interesting how we remember everything that happened when we had our children.
Happy Birthday to your perfect princess.

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

Happy birthday Isabelle! that was one of the coolest days ever! i love "coaching" you!