"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choosing Home

So, after a week of complete chaos, I am realizing once again how important my routine is for the well being of my family. Even though we are preparing for a big move, I need to keep on track. Flying by the seat of my pants leaves no margins in my life for those unexpected happenings or room for God to use me anywhere else. I have to get back on track!
Here are my morning routines for Tuesday. Tomorrow I will post my afternoon routines:
Focus Area
(This is the area I focus on for the day...the kids and I will work on it in increments throughout the day):
After the gardener leaves, check on gate and make sure everything is in order outside.
Clear flowerbeds
Send kids out to pick up all trash and have Abraham scoop poop
Clear cobwebs
Clean out the garage/Playroom
Morning Routine
Make bed
Straighten bedside tables
Dress ( I lay all clothes out the night before)
Brush teeth and hair - clean up bathroom when finished
Breakfast - Read them the Psalm for the day
Check calendar
Prep for dinner
Chore time
Clean kitchen
Clean bedroom
Pick up house
Inspect children's chores
Table Time
Kid's devotions/Memory verse
Manners lesson
Social Studies Day
School Lessons
Reading lessons with Ezra and Isabelle
Ezra: Work on PACES
Isabelle: Preschool work
Gabrielle and Abraham:
Work on PACES
Read 2 chapters in book
Flash cards together
Pilates with kids

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