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Monday, February 9, 2009

Disclaimer: It's a sappy one ;)

My dear friend Brandi (whom just started a blog HERE) is someone I love just like a sister. The relationship she has with her family is one I try to emulate and her desire to be the mom God has called her to be is so vivid that it rubs off even at just a thought of her. I am inspired, encouraged and even sometimes convicted by the thing she says and does. (Which by the way is very valuable in any edifying relationship.) I for sure need someone to keep me in line ;)

Anyway, Brandi reminded me this morning of how blessed I am to have a mom like I do. I think my mama knows how much I love, respect and cherish her, but I am not always good at telling her that. I have a little "Roses for Mama" diddy that I wrote for her awhile back and usually post it on her for mother's day, but thought it would be something I can share and hopefully encourage all us girls (my 2 readers at least ;)) out there to tell our mama's how much we appreciate them and what they did for us.
"Her children shall rise up and call her blessed." (Prov.31)
Roses For Mama
If I could list the times I should have givin you a rose, it would go something like this:

A rose for every time I felt discouraged, you were always there for me, your encouragement still echos in my ears.

A rose for when I was excited because you were excited too.

A rose for every tear you wiped away as one slipped down your cheek because you were hurting for me.

A rose for all the winks you gave me before any performance or concert. Every time you did that I forgot my fears if even for a moment.

A rose for all the James Dobson letters you read to us.

A rose for all the times you invited someone over for dinner when we barely had enough to feed ourselves, showing me that hospitality is next to Godliness.

A rose for all the times you had us sacrifice something in order to bless someones else. And for all the times you were the one to lead by that example.

A rose for every homeschool day. And for every day I told you I would never put my kids through this homeschooling. How did you know I would end up homeschooling??

A rose for all the times you prayed I would, "get caught" and I would even go so far at to give you a rose for every time I was caught!

A rose for every time you laughed at yourself when you did something a little "blond" reminding me that we are not all perfect, and there is humor in that fact.

A rose for every note in every lunch box.

A rose for every time you disciplined me, teaching me that parenting is taking time to correct.

A rose for the time you laid down in the middle of the mall physically showing me that when you said,"we need to go", you meant "we need to go NOW!" I fully understand that concept now that I am a Mama!

A rose for every time you sacrificed yourself for your children.

A rose for all the Christmas memories.

A rose for every time I said I didn't like you. Now I stick my foot in my mouth because I am just like you!! That is something I am thankful for.

A rose for every time I never said thankyou.

I know God sent an angel here just for me when He sent you. I wasn't able to send you flowers on your special day, but I know Our Precious Savior is collecting all my
Roses For Mama.

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