"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our new home!

So, I bet everyone is just dying to know how fabulous it is camping indefinitely! Well...it's, um, fabulous! We have been so blessed with a wonderful camper that we have parked at Phil's shop for an unknown period of time. We have done this because we are planning a big move across country, and will be taking my father-in-law with us. However, after we had already given notice at our home, we found out that Jean's (my father-in-law) cancer had returned and he would need a couple major surgeries before he can make that journey. So, we've parked it in order to be able to care for him and then take him with us when he is healthy.
I have been without a computer for quite sometime, but thanks to our wonderful friends, Morgan and Jason, we now have a computer that has never run more efficiently!!
I have so many things to say and am finding it hard to know where to start. I must say that we are growing as a family so much through this adventure and I am so eager to share with you all those lessons. In short, a few of those are:
Weaknesses personally, as a family and in a marriage are made have never stood out so much as when you are living in a camper! God is revealing to us so many areas that are needing some work in our lives. I am thankful for this opportunity He is giving us to fine tune our relationships with each other and with the Lord.
We are learning that a sacrifice is really a blessing. When we give of ourselves, God gives us back abundantly. My father-in-law is such a blessing to us. Not just all the treats and goodies he spoils our children with, but to see a man go through so much and yet have such an upbeat attitude is truly a humbling experience.
We are also learning that there is peace in chaos. We can find order with 7 people living in 170 square foot camper, we can cook all our meals, continue school, chores, get done 14 loads of laundry a week without a washer and dryer, take daily(hopefully) showers when we don't have a shower, sew, go to cancer appointments with Papa (all kids in tow), and clean and pack up Papa's house even when things and circumstances are not conducive to these activities...how can we do this? Because we serve a mighty God and He is guiding all our steps. He has blessed us with so many wonderful friends. Thankyou everyone who has given us keys to their home, watched my children for Jean't dr. appts, let us use their things (the electric skillet and George Forman are a God send!), brought us meals, and encouraged us! We love you all!Hot coco on a rainy day!
Don't they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, mine is the heart, the legs, the abdomen and the neck!
Thanks Philly for the office you let us use for sewing, movies and our family closet!
Yep, that is the only storage and closet there in the back and the bathroom door on the right!
Thankfully Phil let us use the office to set up a little clothing storage!


Lynette said...

Rossie, you have one of the best attitudes I have ever seen. Such a woman of God. If you need anything call me and since I know you won't I think I will give you a call! Take care!

Shannon said...

where are you planning a move too?

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

WHat a wonderful story!!!!!!! So amazing to see how you have made a home out of your camper. It really is true that a house is just a house, but a family makes it a home. If campers could talk, I think it would tell you how loved it feels!!! Sorry for the corny addage!!!!