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Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Pictures!

The beginning of a good old fashioned water balloon fight...until dad poured a bucket of water over Ezra's head. I also had to keep the water at a minimum...I did tell you all that we have to haul our own water out here about once a week! Rides on Gabby's horse!
Our cowgirl in training!
Saddling Dart for the first time with her very own saddle!

She was a blubbering idiot like here mama...couldn't even talk when she received her new saddle because she was crying so hard!
Gabby's trainer...aka her Auntie Katy.
Oh my!! 10 years old!
I hope all our San Francisco family are seeing this!!! Phil's first horse ride!! He actually got on from the other side, but misjudged it a bit and almost went right over top!
Finally, Sophie, who didn't like Dart one bit, got rides from her Uncle Jade!

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Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Looks like fun!!!!! Awww...what a sweetie! We sent her a gift...let me know when it arrives!