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Monday, December 14, 2009

This is worth the read...I promise!

Well, it started out a very nice thought...to go Christmas tree hunting in the Bear Paw mountains. Phil was game and it was going to be a fun family outing. Then after about 2 hours of driving in a snowstorm, Phil had been dubbed "Clark" and we decided that we should have made the Christmas Vacation movie and made millions. You just don't even know these roads here...and to have a born and raised Californian drive them in the middle of a blizzard can be quite amusing. Isabelle made the comment, "We need a tree that Santa can bend over and put lots of presents under!" Can you imagine what Phil's comment was after that one?!?! Yeah.
The whole bunch of us, making our lips smile even while they are frozen stiff. My sister-in-law made the comment, "You all look stranded there...should we send the search party?"
It took Phil and I a matter of 2 minutes to pick out the... uuumm "perfect" tree. This is it in route to our home.
We were all so proud to take this picture...we had been the first to cut down our tree! We all couldn't wait to go home and decorate it...and warm up!
Yeah...not so much. For some reason it looks WAAAAAAY better out there in the Bear Paw mountains.
Don't worry...the story gets better! After spending literally hours trying to move things around on that thing...trying to cover the exposed light strands, and hanging our 50 ornaments on the 5 branches, we had about had it. We got it done though and Phil said, "It is what it is...our first "real" Montana tree...a little different than a California "real" tree.
So, we went to bed.
Then in the middle of the night, we heard one of those dreadful CRASHES...I knew what it was, but Phil was very concerned that is was one of the kids fallen out of their bunk beds.
I wanted to cry, but there is something really funny about...
So we both laughed while picking up the pieces.
Charlie Brown, give me a call, cuz I think we have your tree!


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh Rossie!! I laughed outloud at your Christmas tree story!!! So funny....well, at least you created some great memories for you and your family!!!

Shannon said...

This will be funnier in a few years... really! I thought it was beautiful before the fall. I know it could be fuller, but it is a real tree. God grew it, so it is perfect, right?! Mine is fake [which I love ... and now love even more AFTER your story :) ].

I remember being a teenager and wanting my own tree in my room, but no one else csred but me. I was on my own for that little venture, so I went in search of the perfect tree. I found what I thought was it, but when I got it in my room it couldn't even hold any ornaments it was so pathetic. I decorated it somehow and everyone thought it was ridiculous, but it gave me joy. I think I even went back and found another one and squished the two Charlie Brown trees together to make a still pathetic little tree, but I remember it... somehow fondly. It's about the memory we create... not the tree. And what a memory that is gonna be of your husband running through the house in his long underwear! Makes me want to move to Montana, buy my husband some long underwear, and booby trap a tree to fall on purpose just to see my husband running through the house in his long underwear!!! I know, I have a twisted sense of humor, BUT THAT HAD TO MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT, right????!! Blessings to you and your family!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

oh Rossie!!! This is so funny! I can imagine your "californian" Montana man picking up the tree pieces. TOO FUNNY!
Hope the nickname does not stick :)

Shannon Moser said...

oh, no..Rossie, I am so sorry. This is a memory you will not forget!

Lynette said...

Oh Rossie! That made me laugh. You will definitely be telling this story for years to come. What a memory you made!


ROFL! I looooooooove it! Hilarious! Our tree is small and plastic and very... Christmasy--what with the kids decorating it ALL BY THEMSELVES. Next year, we are going to get a real one that Santa has to bend over to presents under too! ;) What a great family memory! Oh, and I'd like a pic of Phil in the long underwear please. ;)

brandi said...

OMGosh! That was a funny story. Its a sign that this is going to be one of those memorable stories the kids will tell at every x-mas gathering :)"remember the first christmas Grandma and Grandpa Ansolebehere had in Montana..." Love it!
Thats what its all about

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...


Katie said...

That is hilarious...and sad!! Did you get another tree? :)