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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boy's Before and After Haircuts

Phil likes the boys hair to be very short and neat, and it seems like they are constantly in need of a trim. So one way I have found to be a little more frugal and save us some cash is to do all the haircuts myself. It took awhile and a few bald spots to get the hang of it, but now that I have, I love to do it! Here are my boys before pictures, and you will find their after photos in my sidebar. I will be trimming the girls this evening and will try to post their pictures tomorrow, however, they will not be quite so drastic.
A couple little photo tips:
Thank you my dear friend Raquel for introducing me to "Picasa"! I love it. It is a free download and literally has all the basics of Photo Shop! That is how I did the blurred edges and writing on the pictures.
Also I had quite a few compliments on the backdrop in the after picture and wanted to tell you that it is just the shower curtain in our guest bathroom. You can make a fabulous picture anywhere...just start looking at the areas of your home with a frame in hand ;)

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