"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The gift of Abraham!

This month marks 5 years since we almost lost our Abraham!
So, I thought it would be appropriate to give our little testimony of how our Heavenly Father healed our little boy.
In September of that year, I began bringing him to the Dr. because he was having severe stomach aches, and the Dr. kept telling us it was either constipation, gas or milk allergy. I must have brought him in at least a dozen times. Finally one night, I think it was the 2nd of October, I waited until the Dr. office was closed and took him to emergency, I knew they would not let him go until they knew what was wrong with him.
By this time, the pain was so terrible that they were giving my 4 yr. old boy shots of morphine just so he wouldn't be able to stand up on the bed and try to pull out his IVs. Even with this pain med. he was thrashing around on his bed. We waited in the emergency room 16 hrs. until the surgeon finally came, and within a half an hour he was in the OR. The surgeon was sure it was an appendicitis and the surgery would last about 45 minutes...
6 1/2 hours later, the Dr. emerged! I cried when I saw him. He explained to me that when they opened him up, he was full of infection and a weird murky fluid. When they got to his appendix, it was enlarged but hadn't ruptured so they knew it wasn't the cause of the acute infection. They removed it anyway and then did exploratory surgery where they found a Diverticuli (sp?) He had diverticulitis, which is a VERY rare diagnosis in children, even more rare, his was ruptured in 2 places which is virtually unheard of.
They had to remove over a foot of his intestine. The Surgeon said he would not have lived but a few more days.
Not only this, they overdosed Abraham with anesthesia (sp?). They gave him an adults dose, and he had a 90% chance of going into cardiac arrest.
Do you know what I told the Dr. when he said this to me?? I said, "That's okay, everyone makes mistakes, God will heal my baby" This was totally God!!! I was a mess, how did this forgiving comment come out of my mouth??
God just continually reminded me that He was in control and that every tear that fell from my face...He was collecting in the palm of His hand.
Later, the Surgeon told us that this comment had touched him, and he was prepared to be slapped with a lawsuit.
Even the nurses several times said they were touched by Abraham. Everytime they would come in to draw blood, Abraham would tell them, "Don't give me pokies, Jesus healed me." Even at 4 yrs. old, he was a light to those around him. I learned so much from my child in those 6 weeks...about faith and strength.
Thankfully they were able to keep the bed next to him free so that I could stay with him. I remember one night just feeling so alone, with my sick little boy next to me and wishing that I could hear God speak audibly to me so it wouldn't be so quiet. The next morning a friend brought in a radio and a few Christian cd's. Once again...God answering a prayer! We played that radio NON STOP...even when the Dr. would come in...we would just turn the volume all the way down. Just knowing it was playing brought peace.
To make a long story short, after almost 1 month in the hospital, Abraham was released. And as if God wanted to reaffirm that He is in total control, in one week, we had to bring Abraham back in and discovered that an abcess had grown the size of a grapefruit in his abdomen.
And the prayers began again...
They readmitted him and began treatment. The next morning they were going to give him a new Pic-line in his neck for feeding (that was one of the most tramatic events in the month we had been there!)
BUT...before they began the procedure they had to do another ultrasound and guess what!!
It was GONE!!!
The doctor could not believe it...I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't known what a mighty God I serve!
They observed him in the hospital for 1 more week and then he was released.
For one year after that, he did not have a runny nose, fever, earache...nothing!!
Our little man was healed!
Thankyou JESUS!
I have to also thank all those who prayed, payed our bills, donated a Christmas tour in the limo, brought toys and gifts (his room looked like a toy store), brought meals, sent cards, called...I could go on and on...God used each and everyone of you to bless us and teach us. We love you all!
I need to give a special thankyou to my dear friend, Morgan! On so many occasions in our lives, you have stepped in when we couldn't be there. You ran our home with such ease and kept things moving just as they would've had I been there (even better!). I could not have dreamed up someone as wonderful as you to be home with my children when I could not. We all love you and your entire family. God bless you Morgie!!


Melodie said...

What an amazing, awe-inspiring story. A true testimony to God's powerful grace. Thank God little Abraham was healed, he's precious!
Thank you so much for this story!

Lucky Housewife said...

I am so glad you posted this! I can't wait until you write a book (one day you will! :) ). It doesn't see like this was 5 years ago. Love and miss you all sooooo much!

Rossie said...

Our lives seem to be full of these amazing stories!!
And Morgan...you were one of our biggest blessings! I tell everyone that on several occasions you raised my children for chunks of their lives! You are a Godsend...I love and miss you so very much!!

Suanna said...

What a testimony! Thank you God for miracles.

kari said...

I do remember that time of your life.
Our God is truly an amazing God.
thanks for sharing this.

Lucky Housewife said...

Thanks Rossie! I sooooo WISH I could take credit for those kids! I love them like they were my own!

brooke lynn said...

wow wee. what a great story reminding us all just how mighty and great our God is! thank you for sharing this.
wow, praise God!