"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping Montana Style! PART TWO

Well to start off my day, I was very thankful for my stock car racing experience. That is about what it is like trying to get out of my very long-snow-drifted-gravel driveway. The only difference, when you get stuck or crash a stock car, there is a crew of people waiting to be of service. Here in my driveway...let's just say it is a little scary to have your 10 year old (the only one tall enough to reach the pedals) pump on the gas while I try to maneuver my enormous belly around the drifts in order to get at a good angle to push it out...all taking place in 28 below zero temperatures. I still had my nose last time I checked!
Long story short...I had to call Phil. The boys got to stay with Phil so I could lay down the back seats, so it was just the girls and I. My little sister Katy was able to come as well. All the kids have special jobs while we are shopping:
Gabrielle - Pushes a cart and in charge of the list and the calculator
Abraham - Pushes a cart and picks up the larger items to put in the bottom of the cart.
Ezra - Takes items off shelves and places them in the cart
Isabelle - Assists Ezra in getting items.
Sophie - Gets to sit in the cart, look perty and talk to everyone we pass...unless she happens to fall asleep for the entire extravaganza which is exactly what she chose to do this time. And whoever said miracles don't take place any more. I experienced one today!
Next, came the loading of the car. Something that I don't remember from growing up here in Montana...the cold wind makes your eyes water and the below zero temperature freezes any moisture within split seconds...lets just say I should have put false eyelashes on my list. I don't have many of my own left!
And THAT is why I had to leave the boys with their dad!
Then came the unloading of the car...The boys unload onto the front porch, Isabelle brings them into the living room, Gabrielle unbags and sorts into: Frozen, boxed, canned and refrigerated.
I get to sit on the couch and eat my milk duds while I watch my children slave away ;) Just kidding...I just do a little of everything! I don't know about any of you, but I have gotten the comment, "No wonder you had so many kids...so that you don't have to do anything!" Uumm...have these people ever "trained a child" let alone 5 of them! I just smile, but seriously...can I get an AMEN!
Those are the only pictures I choose to share of the chaos that follows the unloading...you should see my house for about 2 hours after returning home. Everyone has to help...many hands make light work!
The kids reward...Hot coco and chocolate chip cookies. A very special treat on this blustery day!
Mama's reward! Well stocked pantries at least for awhile. My new favorite best friend is my label maker...although it may look like there is no rhyme nor reason to my pantries, everything is labeled and has a place...and excuse all the "not so healthy" foods. I'm a little pregnant and yes those spagetti-o's are for baby...it is craving them!!


Debbie said...

Thank you for being real with us and sharing your grocery shopping routine. We, too, live far away in the tundra and life is a bit different. We tried the month shopping thing and found that since we have to take everyone (5 children) in a Dodge Caravan that there is NO extra room for that long. We just go weekly, mostly because of my recent OB/GYN visits had to be weekly. Now I am clear to go monthly for a year, so I am thinking about seeing if we can just go grocery shopping twice a month. I loved that you shared what you did with each child. It seemed as if it helps to give everyone a job. I think that I will try that when I go this Tuesday and see if it makes a big difference. I also liked the reward given for all the hard work. Very thoughtful. Thanks for sharing. It sure helped me. Life is very different when you don't live near a grocery store!

Shannon said...

I will no longer be fantasizing about living in Montana or any other snowy/cold area. It has been in the teens here and I am about to lose my mind! Turning water off and back on and actually having to hand wash (OMG) my dishes due to limited time frames for the water to be on. Thank you Lord for warmth and my dishwasher. We had a busted pipes incident.... not so fun.. I decided I no longer want to make the move to Colorado that I have spent the last decade fantasizing about. Ok, but really thanks for sharing this post. That is sooooo much shopping for one pregnant momma to be doing. When you hit the ninth month you better be ready to go into labor on one of those shopping trips!!

Shannon said...

Oh yeah... I always get the comment that I bet your older girls are so much help. Uh... yeah... they are, but those of us that know know that it will be a bit longer before that really evens out. I mean at the ripe old age of 5 and 9 they don't quite take charge and do it all for Momma. ;)

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Oh Rossie! You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I SOOO wish we could go shopping together!!!!!! That would turn some heads...wouldn't it??? I love your constant attention to detail! You are truly so encouraging. What a testimony to the rest of the world who can't even handle bringing their children on errands with them. Let's see:
-MOnthly shopping
-Below 0 weather
-5 other children

Plus what a wonderful way to spend time with your little ones. I love running errands with my children!

You deserve those Spaghetti O's!!!!!

I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

oh i love these posts lets see what else i want you to post on: your meal planning, grocery budgeting, recipes, etc etc. miss you friend but it looks as though you are enjoying your time in Montana


My baby likes Spaghettios TOOOO!!!! Awesome post! So worried for you at times my friend, but then I remember how strong and capable and fabulous you are, and how close you are to the almighty, and I know you're gonna be great...I LOVE YOU! XOXOX Thanks kids for helping out and being obedient! You are great examples!

Cheryl said...

What fun to go with you on your grocery day! We are experiencing SUCH cold weather here in VA this year...17 degree days, but I can't IMAGINE having it all the time with you do!

I LOVE the idea of a monthly grocery run! Never tried it before...I agree with Raquel, we need to have you post your meal planning and grocery lists. My main problem is storing everything...looks like you have some good space!

One of my dear friends here has 4 children and we got to Walmart together...Tara, it DEFINITELY turns some heads!!! "Are these ALL yours?" = )

Great post, Rossie! Thank you!

Rebecca Lynn said...

i so need to do this!! Once a month shopping! That would be bliss. Can you show me like what is exactly in those binders. LIKE how you have that laid out and labeled.Is there a post on it on your blog somewhere?Love your pictures and your sharing about how to utilize space. I have some space here that I could turn into storage. Thanks for the inspiration!