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Monday, February 1, 2010

#6's Diaper Bag ;)

Sorry, more sewing pictures...there will probably be quite a few of these as I try to get everything done before our next little man arrives!
Before I started the diaper bag for the new baby, I needed to do something for Sophie. You all know there is so much that needs to fit in the baby's bag, there is no room for more stuff. Since really all she needs are diapers and wipes (which hopefully won't be needed too much longer) I decided to make a little case to go in my purse. This is what came of it:
A ribbon ties it together through a button hole in the flap and the inside is lined with minke. It is just enough room for a wipe case and a couple diapers!

I started using faux leather on the bottom of my bags. It is easy to wipe off and just seems to be more durable. Plus I LOVE it! This time I added a ribbon to the opening which helps to hold all those baby goodies in this very large bag. Here are the matching burp cloths, wipe case and changing pad. The changing pad is layered with fabric on the outside, two layers of batting and minke on the inside. Lets just say I would love to lay on this thing!!

Pictures of the sling and nursing cover to come. I have to wear them so I suppose I should get in a shower and a little lip gloss so as not to stun you with my umm...hygiene laziness!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I love how you call him #6!

Cute stuff!!!!!!!!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

PS. Can you make me a GIANT changing pad to lay on???

Katie said...

Rossie....I just got a sewing machine and need to make some of these things....where do I start as far as a pattern? Or are you one of those--that just wing it? :)


VERY very cute! I have soooo much of that fabric that I've GOT to do something with! I just think you do such an amazing job of really making things well and with all those little touches that make something high quality. I am a corner cutter myself! But I'd much rather lay on one of your yummy things than mine! Can't wait to meet the next man. Isn't there something nice about even numbers?

Sweet Talk said...

I LOVE IT!! I want one! :)