"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Monday, February 22, 2010


Canaan is 1 week old today!
Does this look like a man whom just one week ago was fighting for his life?

Shades on relaxing under his tanning bed. He sleeps like his daddy! Canaan has come so far in such a short time. I have been a little envious of the machines that have been keeping him alive. They were performing the job my body was supposed to have been taking care of. Yet, at the same time...I am so thankful for these machines and for his FABULOUS team of doctors and nurses. God has given them wisdom and minds that can defeat the odds...let alone that they are all just wonderful people and I am so blessed that God hand chose them to care for our son!

Where are we at now:

* No more sun tanning bed ;( I think I liked it mostly for the neat blue pictures it provided, but very thankful he is off it.

* They will be capping his pic (sp?) line today. He is now on a diet of breast milk only and doing wonderful! He is being fed through a tube in his nose, but in a couple days if he continues to tolerate that they will give him a bottle to see how well his feed, eat and swallow reflexes are working. If he tolerates that...woohoo...I GET TO TRY TO FEED HIM!!

* He has been swaddled for the first time and his warming bed turned off...he LOVES it!

As long as he is doing well with all these changes, it is just a matter of getting him bigger and stronger before he gets to come home to us. They tell us it will still be awhile, and we are being patient with that. He is in the best of care!

On another note...my 5 other beautiful, fabulous, wonderfully talented children have made the swap. My mom dropped off the kids to my house to begin spending the days with their Auntie Katy and the nights with daddy!

They are such great kids...I am richly blessed mama! Aside from a few little schemes, I hear they have been doing fantastic!

Gabrielle is going to be donating knit beenies for the babies here (she is a lot like me in that she needs to be busy, and so she has been working very diligently on them) and the others will be working on cards for the families down here in the NICU.


Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

oh he is so sweet! wow off the lights already that was fast!!!! praying he continues to grow big and strong.

i love your family you all are great

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Rossie! Such great news to hear that he is doing so well! What a blessing that you are near family for them to help out like this!

Mom of the Hillians said...

It is wonderful news to hear that he is off his "tanning" lights. Luke (#6) had to spend some time in one of the beds. I had to wear shades in the room, and it still caused me to have a migraine.
God is so AWESOME!! Our prayers are with you.

Shannon said...

Look at that lil' hunk-a-burnin'-love! Sooooo sweet! Congratulations once again! And you need to quit with all the pics (not really) because you are not helping my "case" against my husband. Baby fever is so easy to get when you see pics like these. I just want to reach in and snuggle that little guy!

So glad your news is great. I know you can hardly wait to start breastfeeding. I would want to kick that breastpump into next week if I had to pump instead of nursing.... however, I would also be grateful at the same time that God has provided others with the knowledge to make such machines for times such as this. Isn't it a miracle that God sends us so much help (pumps, docs, nurses, other lifesaving machines).