"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A long way...

This is how I saw Canaan for the first time:I don't even remember...isn't that sad, the first time that I saw him. But my mom took pictures and this was one of them.
Now he is looking so stinkin cute! He has a big dimple in his left cheek that just gets bigger as he puts on the pounds (ounces rather but hey, it's weight right!) He has BIG eyes...look like they will be brown, but I think I say that for all of them. I love brown eyes! He has such a peaceful demeanor...really we never hear him cry unless he is betting his rear wiped...he doesn't like that all too much. Otherwise, he just sleeps or looks around with that blind man look in his eyes! is so beautiful and we are all IN LOVE!Abraham went with us to my first Dr. appt and wanted to take pictures ;)
I have been dying to ask her what prompted her to run that blood test and I got chills at her response even though I shouldn't be surprised.
"It was God."
She confirmed that there was no reason to run that test, and she should have just sent me home.
"I am so glad it went in the direction it did or we may very well have lost you both."
She was so humble about it and didn't want to take any credit, but I just continued to thank her for listening to the Lord and being obedient!
"I love you both and hope you don't mind that I called the NICU in the mornings to check on you both."
Is that not an amazing Doctor?!?!

I didn't realize until afterward that it wasn't just a small tear in the placenta, when he delivered my amniotic sac, it came out with a large piece of my placenta attached. A severe placental abruption that was only slightly bleeding!! A couple of the nurses that were in the room at delivery, one whom has been there 31 years said she has never seen anything like it.


Shannon said...

I have chills!!! So amazing! Truly, thanks for sharing this story with us all. It is just amazing what happens when God's people listen for His voice!!!

And for the record... I can see why you do not like those oxygen tubes...OH MY GOSH! That would scare my pants off, but again we must focus on their role in this miracle. That pic truly drives it home what an awesome God we serve!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Rossie! WOW! What an amazing story! What a blessing for an obedient doctor and momma!
I am so glad I got to be a part of this! Well...I did not really do anything! But I feel so honored!

PS! YOU are so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!! I just love you! And little Canaan!

Colo Hofmanns said...

I can't help but cry as I read your blog. A friend posted it on facebook and I had to check it out. I cry because it brings back memories. My miracle was born at 32 weeks...3 lbs 14 oz. The picture you have of him with the CPAP on got me. I remember that day