"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Sunday, August 8, 2010

A new appreciation...

Before we left for our vacation, I noticed myself saying quite a few times that I sometimes felt a bit hindered by our schedule. That it was more often than not harder to get home for naptime, to make sure the kids got their chores done by a certain time in the mornings, in bed by 7:30 and making sure Canaan is being fed every 3-4 hours. I got to thinking that maybe a more unstructured setting might be easier for our family. Boy, was I wrong!

We had the chance to be unstructured...going here and there, living in the car, no naps, bedtime whenever everyone was ready, lunch when we got to it and Canaan in the sling being fed whenever he cried.

I noticed something very important...my children are MUCH happier when on a routine/schedule. Not even saying how utterly less stressful my life is having a structured day. Everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it. I love that Canaan really doesn't cry at home on his schedule because he never really has to experience hunger. He is fed before he reaches the point of tears and his body has adapted so well that I even know almost exactly when he is going to poop!! I love it!! I can spend quality time with each of the children when at different (scheduled) times, a few are napping or having quiet time.

One other thing you will never hear me say to my kids again... "Please let go of my skirt." We were in so many places with soooooo many people that I was so thankful that we have trained all the children to hold on to the cart or stroller and when there is no room...hold on to my skirt (or daddy's pocket). 2 weeks...3000 miles...the happiest place on earth ;)...a wedding in the ghetto and 6 children could have = disaster, but it didn't!!

Scheduling isn't for everyone, but for us...it is essential!


Melodie said...

Our family is the same, we are just now learning the importance and blessings of staying on a schedule. I loved this post and I am so glad you are posting again, I missed your posts! God Bless!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I LOVE our schedule! It is so calming for everyone to know where we are going and what our goals and vision for the day is.

Love you! Glad you had a great time!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Rossie ~

I've been away from Blog Land for a mighty long time! = ) I LOVE what you have done with your blog! The pic of you and your family is JUST AMAZING! I can't get over how FAST you got your GORGEOUS body back! WHOO EEE!!!!!!! = )

So GLAD to hear about your little #6...what a testimony! You have and will continue to encourage MANY with your honesty!

I LOVED this post! I think we are in the same boat. I would LOVE to be unstructured, but the kids AND I do so much better with structure. The hardest thing for ME is leading the pack to BE consistant. Love reading your schedules, etc. Such a great help for us more challenged and impusive. We need Mommies like you who God gave a great gift of consistancy and focus. = )