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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A lot to catch up on!

I am going to try to catch up on a few very important events that have taken place in our family!
First...we had Sophie and Canaan dedicated here in our Montana church. We had all the others dedicated at Phil's parent's church in San Francisco.
Then, Gabrielle is our first to ask to be baptized! What an honor as a parent to have a child come to you and ask about baptism and watch them stand before a community of family and friends and share what God has done for them and what this next step of faith means to them. I was so blessed by her that day!
And yes...here in the backwoods...we get baptized in a horse trough!! ;)
Sorry, my computer skills are not allowing me to turn this picture the right way!
Another sad and yet happy event was the passing of Phil's dad. I want to share that in this post because Gabrielle read a letter that she wrote to her Papa at his funeral and it shows just a glimpse of how special her little heart is.
My dear Papa Jean,
I miss you so much and wanted to tell you that I love you. You were such a good Papa and you have left me with so many wonderful memories. You were one of my best friends. When I had a problem, I knew I could always go to you and you would make me laugh.
You sacrificed so many things so that you could bless your grandkids. I remember all the times you would come over with a bag of goodies for us. Even when you were sick, you would come with Capri Suns and Baby Bottle Pops (my favorite) after you were finished with a doctor's appointment. I can still hear your truck pull into our driveway and we would all go running out to greet you. And when you weren't bringing us goodies, you were tucking $20 bills in my pocket.
I remember when we would sit on the couch reading our favorite stories and telling secrets...I still sit on that couch with our favorite book and secrets to tell, but there is one thing missing. You.
I am so thankful for the times you lived with us. I remember when you would kiss my cheeks in the morning and say, "Good morning sunshine!" and when you would tuck me in at night. You will never be replaced. When I look at the sky, it will remind me of you because you were always so bright. My best memories will never be the candy or money, they will always be you.
Thankyou for loving me so much!
Love, Gabrielle
P.S. I am so glad you have your new body...cancer free!!
When you see Jesus, tell Him I love Him!


Lynette said...

I was so excited to see your blog post. I have missed reading your blog! So happy for Miss Gabrielle being baptised, that is so awesome. Sorry for your family's loss, I know how special Phil's dad was to you all.

Suanna said...

What a beautiful memory letter.

Heavenly Chaos said...

You have such amazing children Rossie! That's not surprising though since they have an amazing mama. I miss you dearly my friend. Congrats to Gabby on her baptism and the little ones on their dedications. I loved her letter to her grandpa!!