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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lee and Tiffany look-a-like contest!

Well, Lee and Tiffany are a couple that have a show on the Outdoor Channel. One that our whole family sits down to watch.
They posted one day that they were going to be holding a halloween look-a-like contest and I got a wild hair...and after much pleading, got Phil to agree to take a few pictures.
We took a couple of the two of us to send in, but got a fun idea that we would use all the kids too. We would do a Lee and Tiffany IN TEN YEARS photo. After all we are a bit older than them and we have a larger version of their dog...I think they named Tank.
We sent them these three photos:

In the middle of the night on Friday, I got a phone call from my very excited sister, Rikki, saying that we had made top three!!! No way! We were both screaming and hollering.
Of the three photos, they chose the one of the family!! So now my kids are in on it and so stinkin' excited!
The catch was that now it is opened up to public voting on facebook. While we are so thrilled to be the top three, we now feel the breath of victory and REEEEEAAALLLLYYY want to win it all! The big kahoona...take it all and go for the gold.

Only one problem. Between the two of us we have 300 friends.
The girls alone in the other two couples have over 1000 friend each!!

So...we are losing.

A good dose of good sportsmanship is needing to be practiced by both Phil and I! Yes, I think I may tend to be a sore loser. :)

I will be thankful for three things:
1. We made it to top three.
2. We do win a prize pack
3. The couples we may lose to are really cool and took great photos!

BUT...it is never too late!! If you have facebook, PUULEEZZEE go to my page (or the Lee and Tiffany fanpage) and vote for line/photo 3 and then publish the poll on your page!!

Love you all!

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Annette said...

That's awesome! I voted for you all :) I love the pics! You all are definite look-a-likes!