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Sunday, November 28, 2010

You have not experienced life until...

You have not experienced life until you have come to Nana and Papa's beautiful ranch in the Bear's Paw mountains of Montana. It was a winter wonderland...45 miles from anything. Peacefulness is defined here.
Papa planned a full day of snowmen, sledding, smores, Christmas carols, spaghetti and good old fashioned small town hospitality!!
The location he chose was where my littlest sister got married! It is soooo beautiful and just an FYI...right above that hill there is where I shot my buck this year!! And yes...the kids HAD to choose the tallest hill! I finally just stopped watching when they brought out the snowboards. I was sure it was going to get ugly! But it didn't...THANKYOU JESUS!!
The sledding was FULL of near heart attacks for me, but everyone loved it!! Mimi even got Poppy to go down on the sled...not very often you see a 72 year old man go sledding!! He had a smile on his face the entire time!!
One of the most beautiful girls I know happens to be my sister...she can make anything look easy and everything she does is so stinkin' cute! She can even rock black and purple hair (which I did...and I'm proud of it!)

The highlight of any campfire are the smores of course!
With lots of "boyscouts" (these are the real ones...no badges, but they sure know what they are doing!) around, any problem could be solved. This is Uncle Justin heating up the Rotel dip in a pop can attached to a marshmallow stick.
Papa even had water boiling over the fire so that everyone could have hot coco!
We ended the night by singing Christmas carols around the campfire.
This is The Little Drummer Boy. We all sang in harmony as Kate tapped the drum of her daddy's guitar.

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