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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BBD for Mama!!

For those of you who don't know...BBD stands for Big Buck Down!!
Never before have the words..."Holla", "Shut Up" or "Get the heck outta here" come out of my mouth, but this day, those and many more shocked statements came out!
I have not been hunting since I was 14 and the buck that I shot was like a 2x2. I haven't shot a gun...well, besides shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun, since then either!I had the pleasure of going out with my husband, whom I think is so stinkin' HOT in camo, and my little brother (actually he is quite a bit bigger). My brother has got to be the world's best scout!!
Needless to say, it was a BLAST. 20 minutes into our hunt, we spotted a little 2x2, but my brother wisely told us to wait. He suspected there was another one with him. Sure enough, a MUCH bigger one emerged!! They went running over the hill and we had to chase for a few minutes.
Then...he stopped in an open field about 280 yards (later, the boys told me that was almost 3 football fields away) and guess what ?!?!?!?!
I shot him through the heart (so no suffering for those of you whom this makes sad) and he dropped instantly!!
I was thrilled most of all to have impressed the boys with my sharp shooting skillz!! :)
Not only did I get my tag filled, my sister and my brother got HUGE ones all before noon the same day!!!

I know that a few of you will be sad with these pictures, but please know that this isn't just sport. It feed our family...it will feed us all well for the year!!
3 of my sisters and I will also be putting together the first girl team of Big Sandy (I think it's the first anyway) for the coyote hunt coming up next weekend!!
We have a few bets going against us, so you had better be sure that we are coming in with at least ONE stinkin' coyote even if it kills me!!


Melodie said...

You've got skills! Could you send some deer meat my way? I can just taste deer sausage and stew and....mmmm.

So Awesome, congrats!

audrey said...

Congrats! And YAY for free meat! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

brooke lynn said...

wow...i am impressed. you girls even look adorable in camo.
i cried when my hubs and i went hunting together. i called one in, d shot and it went down. the tears fell. that was a long time ago. :)

way to go!!!!