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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Time For Tea!

"Sharing tea with children is just one more tangible way of offering the gift of our time and our attention, sharing ourselves and passing on what we've leaned." - Emilie Barnes, If Teacups Could Talk

Tea parties are also a great way to teach manners in a fun way...who wants to burp and yell at a tea party??
Everything is dainty and polite..."Please pass the scones." and "May I have a little honey?" were music to my ears!!  ;)
 We had the kid's cousins, Maddy and Miyah, over for tea!!  Thankfully, the kids have been in several weddings...so we had lots of "Princess Dresses" to go around!!

 While the big kids were at Awanas the night before, the little ones helped me make Chocolate Chip Scones to have with our tea!!
 Gabrielle read the kids an Easter Story.  She tried to find something reguarding "Tea Parties" for them, but couldn't get the printer to work.
 You will not see Abraham in any of these pictures.

He WAS there.

Apparently, tea parties are for girls.

Ezra did not agree.
 Rest assured people.

That is "boy" jewelery.

At least that is what he told his daddy.

I am very thankful that he is very much a boy...just, at times, does girl things...boyishly. ;)
We are going to purpose to do this more often...with all our friends!!
Plus it is fun for us mommies to get to visit.  I had a wonderful time with my sister Rikki!!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Ezra is soo cute!!!!

Rossie said...

Tara...I MISS YOU!!!
Don't you love the one where he is pouting...he was really torn whether or not to wear the "boy" jewelery!! ;) He is sweet!!
Love you my friend!!

Michelle Hoad said...

My three year old keeps trying to get her four teenage brothers to have a tea party with her. A couple will, but they refuse to dress up anymore. Stick in the mud, that's what they are.