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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "how" behind our photography is nothin' special!

 There is a beautiful little town called Fort Benton here in Montana where we LOVE to take photos. I thought I would share a few and also let you know what photo editing we use.
 Since we cannot afford a fancy editing program, we go for the cheapest...FREE!
 It is called Picasa!  It is wonderful and this is the program I use even for editing dance photos.  You can adjust light, color, contrast, fix blemishes, crop and add special effects and fonts!
The best part about it is that it is for photo dummies, like myself!  I just like to take photographs, I don't want to worry about a ton of complicated editing.
 Another program we use is called PicNic.  It has a small fee per year, but with this program, you can whited teeth, give tans, mascara...you name it and you can do it here.  Also an easy program to use!

 Gabrielle is our "Next In Line" photographer.  I will post a few of her photos tomorrow.  She has an amazing eye and is also pretty good (meaning WAY better than myself) on the computer.
She even helped with our dance photos this year...I paid her of course, because, I can't stand sitting on the computer for more than like 15 minutes.  That is why most of my posts here are so short!!  ;)
Her Papa Rick got her a camera for Christmas last year...a Kodak Cool Pics camera and she can take some pretty amazing photographs.  You don't need a huge camera to take good photos!
 We always just go with it when we take pictures of the kiddos.  Sometimes the stressful moments make the cutest photos!

In case you are wondering what type of camera I use, it is a Nikon D60...I absolutely LOVE it.  I am on my second one...the first accidentally (with the help of my dear husband's packing skills) fell from the trunk of the Yukon at Disneyland a couple years ago!

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