"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gabrielle's First Bread Baking!!

 We all got a special treat the day Gabrielle decided that she was going to give a go at bread baking!!

You have to know though, that my first response when she asked me was a louder-than-necessary "NO, NOT TODAY!"

Which happens to be my first response, usually, to anything that will make a mess!!  ;)
 But, right after my "no", I do believe God spoke to my heart.  A clean house was absolutely nothing without the children whom seem to always mess it up.

I need to be better at saying "yes" especially in times like these for four reasons:

1.  She wanted to learn and do something that would be useful in life.

2.  Really, when we tasted the delicious Pudding Infused Breakfast Puffs, the mess was more than worth it.

3.  Because she accepted the help of the little ones, we all spent a good afternoon together...laughing, baking, quality time and eating together...precious memories.

4.  Let them be little, let them make a mess..........................and then teach them how to clean it up!  ;)
She also made cinnamon bread that was DIVINE!!

We have a few really good children's cookbooks...two of our favorites are:
Felicity's Cooking Studio (An American Girl Cookbook)
Better Homes and Garden's New Junior Cookbook!!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

great job gabbrielle!!!!!

Heidi said...

I hear ya (about the messes!). My 7 year old recently learned to make choc. chip cookies all by herself. I have a couple really short (funny) videos of her making the cookies here:http://dearlylovedmist.blogspot.com/2011/10/emilia-baker-videos.html
I love the memories. :)