"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yellowstone...final stop and we see light at the end of the tunnel!!

Yellowstone is beautiful and was an amazing end to our exciting journey to Montana!!
(click on photo and scroll through to see them larger)
We just happened to get amazing seating...EXACTLY 7 rocking chairs,
 for watching Old Faithful erupt!!
 It was the perfect day to see wildlife.  This old Buffalo had traffic at a standstill and he walked across the road.

 I was able to get within 20 feet of this cow elk for an amazing shot!
 The sulfur springs stunk, but were well worth the stop.
Gabrielle gave us all a lesson on sulfur.
Sulphur is a mineral...at it's highest temp, it is blue, almost boiling it's green and as a solid it is yellow. 
Does it smell bad? Technically, the pure elemental sulfur is odorless. When it chemically combines with other elements or compounds such as carbon disulfide, it usually forms a toxic gas or acidic liquid with bad smell. The resulting odor is mainly due to the strong chemical properties of sulfur that comes out only once chemical bonding is achieved. But to answer that question...YES...it smells BAD!!
Even Phil seemed to be just plain happy in this beautiful place!
 After Yellowstone, we see light at the end of the tunnel!!
We get to eat (thankfully my children are easily amused)...
 Even still, when we go to a restraunt with all of the kiddos and the waitress compliments us on our children (this one took a photo with my camera and then with her phone so that she can show her friends), I feel like some small miracle has just occured!

 This journey has been a blast, but everyone is beyond ready to get gussied up to plant some roots out at nana and papa's ranch!!

Belt, Montana...HERE WE COME!!!


Jessica Rangel said...

Praise the Lord for your safe of fun adventure! It didn't work out seeing you in CA but maybe we can meet in Great Falls and picnic in the park with the kids this summer. We'll be up in July :)

Jessica Rangel said...

*And fun

Tiara said...

Wow, what a wonderful memory for you and your family! These times are priceless

Lynette said...

Your trip sounds great Rossie! We went to Yellowstone when I was younger and I will never forget it. Such great memories you are making for your children.