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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chores Galore!

I was on the computer printing out new chore charts for my kids, and thought I would share here what they are and who does what.
A couple things I do to curb the I-Would-Just-Rather-Do-It-Myself attitude I usually have when children do chores are:
1. Take the time to teach them how to do it right when they first begin to do a chore. There is nothing worse for a child then to have to go back and relearn how to do something or to have their mama go back and redo all their hardwork. Okay there may be worse things, but this is pretty close.
2. Make them "how to" lists and post them in the area of that chore. For the little ones who can't read, make picture lists.
We also call them "Acts of Service" rather than chores. They do not get paid for them, these are the things we do to serve our family and to help it run smoothly.
We also have "Table chores" that are done after every meal, and "Quick pickups" which happens when mama has a breakdown and can't handle the messy house that she juST SPENT ALL DAY CLEANING!!! (deep breath)
They also have morning and evening routine which is pick up room, get dressed, brush teeth and hair.

Gabrielle (9): Dishes (table chore she shares with me), 1 load of laundry every morning, Master bathroom, Feed rabbits, Clean bedroom (daily), Stock diaper bag, Dinner helper.

Abraham (7): Clear and wipe table (table chore), Pick up garage, Scoop poop, Kid's bathroom, Take out trash, Clean bedroom, Lunch helper.

Ezra (5): Clear floor and put items away, Feed and water dogs, Clean bedroom, Breakfast helper.

Isabelle (3): She picks up after the baby and is in training with me! She also has memorized all the other kids chores and is first to tell me when someone hasn't done something!



Great ideas Rossie! Makes me long just a little for the future when the kiddos are older, but you did inspire me to teach Kya to fold laundry and she's a great towel folder! Who would have known?

Kari said...

You're so good and doing stuff like this. You see I alway start with the greatest intention but always find it hard to be consistent. I guess consistency is the key here huh!!