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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

With Thanksgiving in mind, I thought I would share something we do at our table. I think I got the idea from Emilie Barnes, but I am not sure. We call it table talk. I have a gallon mason jar that I fill with little strips of paper. On each paper is a question that the kids have asked at one point, or just a question that my hubby or I think would be a good conversation starter. At supper time, we take out our jar and one of the kids pick out a question, they read it out loud and we all have our turn to say what we think. Usually it leads to other topics, and often times, it has been something that we will research the next day as part of school.
Some of our questions:
Why does it rain?
Where is heaven?
If you could build your own house, what would it look like?
What is your soul?
Is an animal cracker a cookie or a cracker? (hubby's of course)
Why do we walk on our feet and not our hands?
Say something you love about the person sitting to your right.
What would you like to do more as a family?
These are just a few, but maybe it will give you an idea. Also I make little jar toppers, I found the pattern at A Christian Home, and I put one on our "Table Talk" jar so it looks pretty. This could be something you could start at Thanksgiving, and have the little paper read, "What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?"
Anyway, just an idea. Does anyone else have any Thanksgiving traditions they do at the dinner table. If you write about it, let me know so I can come for a visit to your blog. I love new traditions, and reading about what other families do.
Blessings, Rossie

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