"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Friday, January 2, 2009

Charachter Building

When I need to get things done, I make a list. When I need to gut and clean a room...I make a list on how I'm going to go about it. All the kids have a LIST where they have a chore to do so that they don't have a hovering mama on their heals making sure it gets done the first time. Stores...list, Homeschooling...list, Chores...list, Menu list, Cleaning list...need I continue?
So, in an effort to instill good character, I went in search of none other that a LIST! Guess what?!?! I found one at valuedrivenfamily.com. So we are going to focus on one character trait per week as a family...mama and daddy included! It will go a little something like this:

Week 1: Faith
(Scripture memorization; prayer;sharing God's word or testimony with others; speaking God's word.)

Week 2: Surrender
(Obeying cheerfully; receiving discipline and instruction with good attitude; proper submission to authority (teachers, parents, grandparents, etc.); respectful speech and action; willing putting self aside to serve others)

Week 3: Love
(Hugs and kisses;exhibiting patience and kindness; acts of service; showing compassion)

Week 4: Obedience/Faithfulness
(Obeying right away;reading the Bible; fulfilling God's purposes (worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, or ministry); living God's Word; following set rules, even in parent's absence.)

Week 5: Wisdom
(Taking care of possessions; thoughtful use of resources; life application of God's Word; seeking Godly counsel; attention to health and hygiene; management of time.)

Week 6: Self-Control
(Restraint in play;controlling habitual behaviors (thumb-sucking, nail-biting etc.) using quiet voices; sharing attention in conversation; frugality; being quiet when necessary (at bedtime, in church, during phone calls, etc.) for very young children - using the potty!)

Week 7: Righteousness
(Doing good; honesty; integrity; being respectful to one another; servant leadership ("no bossing"); above reproach; treating others with dignity; respect for God's creation)

Week 8: Holiness
(Godly relationships; wholesome speech; good manners; exhibiting modesty (clothing, speech, adornments, hairstyle); constructive use of time.)

Week 9: Humility
(Encouraging others in godliness; honoring others; no bragging; speaking well of others; putting others first; admitting wrong; willingly apologizing/seeking forgiveness; refusing to argue/quarrel)

Week 10: Diligence
(Cheerful completion of tasks; doing your best work; completing jobs in good time; working for the Lord; willingly helping others in work)

Week 11: Generosity
(Sharing or taking turns; giving of possessions or time; use of talent for others; giving grace; showing forgiveness and mercy; showing hospitality; giving more than necessary; thinking of others in giving more than self; giving up the best to others)

Week 12: Praise
Expressions of thanks to others; thank you notes; verbal thanks; verbal praise to God; thanksgiving to God; praise through song or dance; smiling ; positive speech; no whining or complaining)

Awsome right! I love lists!
So we will be focusing on an area each week. However we will all strive to hold each other accountable in every area everyday of every week!


lovemybabies said...

Me too me too...I LOVE lists. We are too alike. Thanks for posting this. I am going to use it too.

PixiesAndPrincesses said...

This is really great! Thanx for posting it! I need to start working on it with me and my kids! How old is your older daughter? I can't remember. We have to get our girls together to play. Maybe you guys could come over or we could meet at the park. Do you belong to the Kern County homeschoolers yahoo group? We are getting together for park days and stuff during the month. There are a lot of great ladies in the group. Email me :) Becky@pixiesandprincesses.com