"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Night's are our "Family Night" where we make sure to spend quality time as a family. One thing we make sure to do on these nights is our Table Talk. This is when we bring out our decorated box of questions. Someone picks out a question and we go around the table answering it. Last night's question was: What is your favorite food and do you know how to make it?
Gabrielle's was Spaghetti, and she gave us instructions on how to prepare it. Abraham's was cookies and he knew that you had to use flour, sugar and chocolate chips. Daddy's was what was on his plate, "No I don't know how to make it, that's what I have a wife for."
Then it was Ezra's turn...
Smiling yet?
"My favorite thing is Apple Juice!"
Daddy, "Well, how do you make that?"
Ezra sat there for a minute and while we all anticipated his elaborate directions on how you have to cut and squeeze or run over with a car or stomp on with you feet or throw against the wall...I could only imagine what he was going to say!
Ezra, " You pour it in the cup!"
We were all a little stunned at this matter-of-fact, simple answer out of such a complex little man! All the wheels that were spinning in our heads as to what we thought was going to come out of his mouth were brought to a screeching halt. You may be thinking, "What is the big deal?" Oh, if you only knew this little boy and the scheems and things he comes up with, you would be a bit stumped too!
The silence was broken when his little apprentice, Isabelle, added, "That's after you take off the lid, right Ezra?"
Then the laughs began!

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