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Sunday, January 25, 2009

To the Lacayo Family,

This is the letter that was sent to us by our dear friends the Lacayos:
Greetings from Texas. We would like to introduce you to our new friend Flat Stanley. Stanley has not always been flat. He had an accident with his bulletin board falling on him and now he is flat (but don't worry, it did not hurt him at all).
The reason for this letter is that flat Stanley wants to travel. He has decided that since he is flat, he would like to travel by envelope.
Please would you send Stanley back to us in this pre-paid envelope along with a picture of an adventure he had with you while he was there. We would also love some information about where you live. Please take care of Stanley.
Love, The Lacayo's
To which we would like to reply:
Greetings from California. Thankyou for introducing us to your friend. We have enjoyed the company very much. We are happy to inform you that while on an adventure to a park we call CALM, where there are injured animals native to our area, Stanley had a very exciting time!
Flat Stanley was thrilled to see the Golden Eagle and in an effort to see if there was really gold anywhere, the wind caught him as he tried flapping his wing like a bird to fly up there. Thankfully, Ezra was close by and caught him just in time! He now knows that flat people don't make good birds, and the Golden eagle doesn't really even look gold.

Then, we got to see both a Grizzly bear and a Black bear napping! He wanted to get a closer look, and before mama could explain that there was a giant pit separating us from those bears he had already inched his way to the ledge. Thank goodness Gabrielle was there to snatch him before he plunged to his death!
Next, Stanley was so impressed with our California Redwood trees (which are nowhere near the size of the ones in the Redwood National Forest) that he decided to start climbing to the top to see how far he could see. It was a good thing my mama is so tall (all 5'2" of her) that she was able to reach right up and grab him. Otherwise, he might have been suck there for good!

Isabelle wanted to show him the Bald Eagle and told him about the time Ezra cut her hair so bad that she was almost bald!

Then, you'll never believe this, but a Giant metal T-Rex almost got him Flat Stanley! Abraham was so brave and he risked loosing all his fingers to pull Flat Stanley from the ferocious beast!
Finally, I (Sophie) have taken to Flat Stanley like a bear to honey. So, I apologize for the small fracture in his right ankle (which mama was able to patch right up with some scotch tape) but I just couldn't help but to love on him. Otherwise, we took very good care of him and I think he had a fabulous time. I have some other exciting news...not only will we be returning Flat Stanley to you, but come to find out, he has a long lost sister, Flat Patty. She too came into a similar accident when the fridge up and fell on her. It must be hereditary. She would like to come and visit the family whom has taken in her brother. Maybe you could send her back to us with a picture of an adventure your family has had with she and Flat Stanley.Thanks again for introducing us to your friend. He will be greatly missed!

Love, Sophie, Gabrielle, Abraham, Ezra and Isabelle


Sweet Talk said...

This was SUCK a great idea. I am totally going to copy and start it with my friend in Missouri!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We are sad we missed it! :(

Sweet Talk said...

Ok that was supposed to be SUCH!!! Sorry!!!