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Friday, January 23, 2009

The little old man in the grocery store!

After another comical adventure in the grocery store with all those curious stares...most of the time not so friendly curious stares, one of my children reminded me of a little old man we met in the grocery store some time ago, and I thought I would share:
So many times in the grocery store, I get those evil eyes because my kids are running, talking a little too loud and many times, I believe, it is just because I have kids. My children have been scolded and yes even cursed at in stores, and many times I dread going to the store not because my children misbehave (they love the grocery store) but because of the grief we all get when we go there.
Well, my last grocery store experience was a whole different story...as always shopping is going rather smoothly. No candy bars "accidently" opened, no "accidently" spitting on any customers, no laying flat on their bellies looking for what is under the isles, like I said... going smoothly. We get to the check out lane, and of course my 5yr. old claims he "has ants in his pants" when I ask him why he is getting a bit destructive. There is a little old man in front of us who keeps turning to look at us. Only this time it is not a frown I see, nor the evil eye, but rather... is that a glint I see, a sparkle of amusement? I soon come to find out, he kept turning around to wait for the perfect time when my 5 yr old has his back turned to him. All of the sudden quite unexpectedly, the little old spry of a man turns around and does that quack noise (you know the one like Donald duck) and grabs my son by the ticklish sides of his tummy! My son squealed and toppled to the ground where he laid face up with horror and an "I got caught" look, then then that look turned to one of disbelief, and finally a look of relief before he gave in to a nervous giggle. That giggle finally erupted in a burst of belly laughing...then I realize that not only is the little old man quite tickled about what he had just done, not only were the kids and I laughing, we had gained the audience of the entire store!! Everyone was standing around and laughing at the situation that had just occured and this little boy laying face up in the middle of the grocery store!
I just want to say thankyou to the little old man and all the people who show tolerance to us mommies out there. The grocery store is often times a place we would rather not go with our little ones, but we don't have much of a choice. This instance has givin me a new perspective on grocery shopping, and I am going to be sure I make it a fun time for not just me but for all the mommies out there. And I hope when my children are all grown and gone, and as I age, I will always remember this little old man and how it made my children and I feel when he showed us some love in the grocery store!


Sweet Talk said...

I LOVE it when people are real and remember when theirs were young and cherish the innosence of a child. What a kind man....who taught so many people a lesson yesterday. They are blessings...whether they are lying on the floor or climbing the shelves or running up and down the isles! I LOVE YOU!!! AND I LOVE YOUR KIDS!!!

Janelle said...

Oh, well I'm glad you found our blog. My baby turned one Dec 13th. Can you believe how fast a year goes! Anyway, I really enjoyed making that little hat so I made another matching one, just a bit bigger for Maddy's big sis Reilly. I only know how to do a single stitch... my sister-in-law said that once I have that down she'll teach me another stitch that will make everything go so much faster. I am looking forward to that. I love your slide show! One of these days I'll take the time to learn how to put one on my blog. So, how do you know Tara? Isn't she so sweet and so talented! She comes up with the cutest ideas.