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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ezra! What did you do this time?!?!...

"Ezra! What did you do now?" is a phrase you would here regularly if you lived in this home.
So, I woke up yesterday morning to see my son sleeping on the floor in front of my bedroom door. Not only was I a bit startled when I saw him there, I was shocked to see a huge mound on his forhead! (The picture just does not do justice.)
"What on earth happened Ezra?"
"What do you mean?" is his reply.
"Your head...did you have a bad dream and fall out of bed?"
"Well, what happened to your head?"
"Where?" he says on his way to the bathroom mirror to see his newest bragging right.
Would you like to know how he got this mark? Probably not, but I am going to share anyway. He and his sister were on their hands and knees pushing a baseball across the floor with their heads. He gave himself a rugburn and his skin is very sensitive, hence the swelling! Funny now, but it wasn't when I had to try to explain it to the guy in Walmart who asked me if I whacked my child with a baseball bat and Ezra started nodding his head yes!!!
UGH... another day in the life of Ezra!

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Sweet Talk said...

LOL! I didn't know about the guy in Walmart. At least Ezra keeps us all laughing!