"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is my first time for planning a month's worth of meals. I purchased one of those desktop calendar, and use it to write down the meals for each day. Also a little tip...I am always looking for new things to make for breakfast and lunch, so I got a menu from the local school and used some of their ideas!!
I menu plan for several reasons:
Gabrielle is trained to prepare just about any meal, and if I am unable to for some reason, she can go to our calendar and see what needs to be made.
Things do come up sometimes, such as we eat out or have company over, and a different meal needs to be planned. I always try to stick pretty closely to the menu, but it is not set in stone. I do know, though, that since I did plan ahead, I have all the groceries I need to make any of the meals on my list.
Most importantly, I can't just pop into the store every day to buy ingredients I need, so planning is necessary.
To accommodate this amount of groceries I need to purchase, we have two small pantries upstairs, our fridge of course, a deep freezer downstairs, and also a large pantry downstairs.
I will still list my menu plan weekly, because listing it for 30 days in one sitting goes above and beyond my computer patience ;) I will try to post a picture of my menu, but it goes a little something like this:
Granola bars/Yogurt
Chicken soup
Goulash/H'made bread/Corn
French toast/Fruit
Chicken tenders/Veggies and Dip
Beef roast/Steamed Veggies/Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
BBQ meatballs over rice
Mini Pizzas
Stuffed pork chops/Green Salad/Rolls
Mac n Cheese/ Veggies and Dip
Tacos/Spanish Rice
Breakfast Pizza
Mini Tacos
Creamed Chicken and Veggies over Toast
My grocery budget has gone from about$400 a month to $450 because we have two additional adults living with us.


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

how timely Rossie! I am just about to sit down and plan my monthly menu! I've been preparing myself incase we move to Montana! ;)

Shannon said...

funny... I was just sitting down to do some meal planning myself and just a couple of days ago I pulled out some old school lunch menus to help give me ideas for meals at home. Some of your menu items are about to get added to my menu! Thanks! I don't know if Tara is joking, but Montana is looking pretty good to me right now, too. Beautiful! But really, I guess I'll stay in TX for now.