"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day with Auntie Katy and Uncle Justin

We had a FABULOUS Christmas with a lot of memory making such as:
We ran out of stove fuel, so we woke up Christmas eve able to see our breath...thankfully Phil took care of it and we were able to have Christmas eve dinner in our home as planned.
Phil's tranny went out so we couldn't haul water...no dishes, no laundry, no baths and no toilets flushed for a few days ends up in disaster! Thankfully, my sister Katy was more than willing to make the 4 trips, ten miles into town...in the freezing temperatures to fill up our cistern! No fun chore I can assure you...she is one amazing woman!
My sister Rikki's tire went flat during our Christmas eve dinner, but that meant she got to spend the night and be here Christmas morning!
The best memory making though was seeing God in each little obstacle!
We thought it would be a meager Christmas for our kids, but they were so very blessed, as were we, by Nana's and Papa's, Aunts and Uncles and a few very special friends!
God is so good and as we woke up Christmas morning to celebrate Jesus' birth, we experienced the most amazing frost covering the earth reminding us that He came to wash us white as snow!! As children of God, even with all our sin and ugliness that dwells in us, this is how God sees us because of Jesus!
BEAUTIFUL!Later Christmas Day, Auntie Katy and Uncle Justin took the three older kids for some horse back riding and sledding!

Thankyou Katy and Justin for the FABULOUS pictures!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

WOW! This is sooo beautiful! I will call you in a bit.

Oh and last night Miguel said we are planning a trip to Yellowstone! And so we will get to drive up to see you too!!!!!!!!!


Wow, that is truly beautiful--it looks sparkly snowflake ornaments everywhere!

We had some similar setbacks during the holidays that only magnified God's glory when things turned out just wonderfully in the end.

Good thing Phil's a mechanic! :) Love and miss you friend!

Lynette said...

Wow, how beautiful!