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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our 2010 Chore Chart

And the 2009 Chore award goes to...drum roll please...EZRA! I must say that all my children are very diligent at their chores and almost completely understand the concept of working as a team to manage and run our household effectively, Ezra goes above and beyond expectations often. Most times without even asking or letting us know that he has done an extra chore. Wouldn't you know that there have even been a few times I have heard, " EZRA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT IS MY CHORE!" As if the others really want to complain!!
God bless you child.This is our new chore chart for 2010. All names are stuck to Velcro dots and start the day off in the "To Do" column. The kids are able to move them to the "Done" position as each one is accomplished. The Right hand side of the chart is their Morning Routine. Including room, dress, teeth etc. They move their name from the top "To Do" list to the bottom "Done" when the entire routine has been completed.

On the bottom I included a few verses I found in a book I have called Parenting with Scripture ( A topical guide for teachable moments) by Dara Durbin. These are just to remind them of the importance of hard work, diligence and to let them know they are appreciated in case I forget to tell them each day.


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

You should have seen how giddy I got when I read the title of this post!!! I know...I am weird! :) This is actually something that I think would work in our home! Thank you for sharing! i could not quite visualize the idea when we were talking on the phone the other day! But it is sooooo neat!!!!!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

PS. I love that it is color coded! ;) Do you remember years ago when we were going to implement "color coded " uniforms in our homeschooling! Do you remember when we were going color code crazy...I guess some stuck!

And I love that Sophie has a little chore!!! What a cutie!

Jack's Mommy said...

Wow...haha, I must be as weird as the person above because I got all giddy too...teehee. :) Of all the chore charts I've seen, this one makes the most sense to me!!! I could sooo see that working in our home and even though our oldest is only 20 months old, I'm tempted to make one for MYSELF now!

Sharon said...

I love the flexibility this provides! My kids are 6, 4, 2 and we are just starting with a basic routine and 1 extra chore. How do you keep them motivated and hold them accountable? I love the verses at the end!