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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PG-13 Update on Canaan ;)

I apologize for the skin and piece of brazier showing, but these pictures were just too precious not to share!
This is my first delivery where not only did I not get to have my little one placed on my chest after birth, but I didn't even get to get a glimpse of him until midnight. 5 and 1/2 long hours after his delivery!
I have gotten to hold little Canaan 2 times, but this time was special. It was a skin to skin hold. We took a 45 minute nap together that was pure heaven! When I get home I am going to do a little research with my children on how God designed our bodies to work. I was able to pump TWICE as much milk after this hold and Canaan, who was screaming as his nurse was getting him ready immediately quieted when she placed him on me.
Then the neatest thing happened...he began trying to suckle! Moving his head all around trying to find his destination ;) I didn't get to nurse him...that will be a little further down the road, but the thought that even at 33 weeks since conception,
he already knows what to do!
He is being fed my breast milk through a tube in his nose. They use a syringe to administer this milk, so he has had no experience drinking from a bottle. It is just the way God designed his little body!

I will continue with chapter 2 of Canaan's Story this evening!


Sweet Talk said...

You are beautiful and so are the pics. There is nothing more pure than a mother's love. Skin on skin contact is HIGHLY recommended especially with premies. There is something so healing and bonding in that experience! I love you my friend!! Thank you for all the updates.


Crying! My kids still ask for "kangaroo care" when they are sick. They know that skin to skin means they will feel better so much faster. Many blessings and love to your little Godly Canaan. Can't wait to see the miracles in his life hence forth. He is destined for so much amazingness!!!! We are thinking of and praying for you constantly my dear lovely friend.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Awww...who notices the strap when you've got such a handsome young man there with you????
AMAZING!!!!!!! That must have been the best nap ever!

Shannon said...

I know it has got to be so hard to not get to hold your little one! I have never had such a scenario myself, but I could never stand for my babies to even go for nursery check-ups. I know these moments have got to be so precious. The pics are precious!

Tiara said...

What precious pictures! What a blessing!