"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our very productive weekend!

If you haven't read about how we shop here...especially in the winter, you can read about it
Thankfully we got our big grocery shopping done yesterday, thankfully the kiddos derby car race for Awana was yesterday and thankfully Canaan's Dr. appt. was yesterday because this is what we woke up to today:We had to bust out all the winter wear yet again...it was good snow for snowmen, so that was a plus! The kids actually wanted to go out there!
We had quite a few "winners" (I know they are always winners, but it's fun to celebrate when you have medals and trophies in your hands) in our house, so Gabrielle wanted to throw a hot chocolate party.

Gabrielle brought home a gold in ballet and bronze in both tap and jazz!! Then Gabrielle got 1st for design of her derby car! Abraham got 4th for design and 5th in the derby!
Gabrielle had a horse she named mustang with a fiery main and tail and Abraham did a replica of Jimmy Johnsons Nascar race car.

Canaan's dr. appt. went great. He is now 7lbs and 21 inches!! He was weaned down to 1/8 liter of oxygen and hopefully will be completely weaned off in 2 weeks or so...HOORAY!
Today, I got was able to get lots of good cleaning and organizing done!! Yeah!



Go Canaan go! I am so happy for you guys Rossie. What a miracle indeed! Congratulations to all those winners in the Ansolabehere clan! You are all winners in my book (and God's!) Great work Gabrielle! I was a ballerina for most of my childhood and it was such a wonderful way to gain poise, confidence, femininity and strength! LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!! Someday, we will visit and add a little bit of our chaos to you peace! :)

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Hooray for Canaan! And Hooray for the kids awards. But I do have one question...What does a productive weekend really look like? ;) It has been SOOOO long since I have had one...I seem to have forgotten! One day this morning sickness will be gone...maybe productiveness will come back to our home! ;)...maybe...hopefully. I am not good as an unproductive person!