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Monday, March 15, 2010

A few projects

So, when I left so abruptly a month ago, I never imagined I wouldn't be coming home for awhile and left quite a few projects unfinished...
First, I am almost finished with the matching Easter dresses that I will hopefully post pictures of Gabrielle and Isabelle's. Sophie's can be found here.
Next, I had started these bell bottoms out of pants that Isabelle wore through on the knees...as you can see, I need to finish the other leg. They are so cute on her even missing half ;) Sophie and Gabrielle will have matching skirts. They were going to be Valentines gifts, but I missed Valentines Day. Oh well!
Then, I started our "Clothes Room" a long time ago, and finally completed it!
It only contains all of the children's clothing, shoes, socks etc. which has made cleaning bedrooms so much easier! Not to mention the changing of clothes a million times a day and leaving them all over their bedroom floors has been eliminated! I still keep Phil and my clothes in our room. We don't have a problem picking up after ourselves ;) Well not usually!
The Clothing Room is located in the basement in a room just off the laundry room...very convenient. It has all the children's clothes either hanging or in cubbies that I labled like this:

Sorry, I forgot to rotate these and was too lazy to go back. They are labled by name in catagories of shirts, pants and pajamas.
The white cubbies are labled each child for socks and underwear.

Each child also has a basket labled for their shoes.
The top hanging rack is for jackets and coats. Gabrielle and Isabelle share the bottom hanging rack. Sophie, Abraham and Ezra each have a small hanging rack.

We will end up rotating "Clothes Room Duties" but so far it has been given to a couple of the kiddos who have had a bit of an issue keeping their clothes off the floor!


Shannon said...

And isn't it soooo nice that the kids don't make such a mess like when it is in there rooms. Long before others had family closets like the Duggars have made famous I did the same thing. I only had two kids, but I knew there had to be a better way to handle their closet arrangement. I guess God was preparing me then for a household of six.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

OH I LOVE IT! It looks great! And very spacious!

Lynette said...

What a wonderful dressing room. I can't believe all that you have been up to with a newborn at home.

Debbie said...

I, too, have a clothing closet in our laundry area. It makes laundry so much easier and the rooms stay much cleaner. I also learned this from the Duggar's Twenty and Counting. BTW, great job on the bellbottoms. They are just so cute.