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Monday, March 22, 2010

New picture...new blog!

Sorry, kindof a blog brain fart (excuse the language) lately, but wanted to share this picture...my favorite ever! Don't Canaan's feet just look so stinkin' cute! My friend Kristal gave me the idea for this picture using Phil and my wedding rings.

And wanted to let you all know that my dear daughter, Gabrielle, started her own blog. It would make her feel so special if she got a few comments every once in awhile, so wanted to give you all her address!

Gabrielle's Blog

I am planning a big grocery day here soon, so I will be posting a list of ingredients, recipes and menu today or tomorrow. We have been so blessed to have meals brought to us thus far, but will need to get some in the freezer for easy cooking as soon as those run out.

I also need to post pictures of the finished Easter outfits ;)


Shannon said...

Love that pic, but OMGosh! I forget how small he is and when I saw this on Facebook I thought that was a bracelet on his feet! Yikes... wedding rings. Those little tiny feet or way smaller than my brain can comprehend. My smallest baby came to me at 7lbs 6oz. and the other three were in the 8lb+ range. Geez! I really have no clue!

Just between you and me I commented on Gabrielle's blog. Than is so cute to read! I imagine my Savannah doing that and it blows my mind. I have thought of letting her, but I have had concerns and then, I know she would want to have some commentors. I will follow G's and comment. Maybe I will let Savannah start by commenting using my blog name, too! That would be fun! Kind of like penpal like.


Realy gorgeous photo Rossie. I love baby Canaan's feet. I love baby feet in general, but those are great feet!!

I will check out Gabrielle's blog soon! How exciting!

Heavenly Chaos said...

This has to be the most beautiful picture! It is breathtaking Rossie. So sweet and precious!!