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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canaan is 2 months old today!

Our little miracle man is 2 months old today and we are completely in love with him!! There has been no jealousy which I was a little concerned about since he really has needed so much of our attention. Our lives have been turned upside down with his birth (not in a bad way) but I wondered how my scheduled children would cope with this. Well, I needed not worry...he is the light of their lives. Even Sophie get so excited with just a glimpse of him...bouncing up and down and going hog wild, but as soon as you get him near her, she will not move other than to place the softest of kisses on top of his head.
He is such a beautiful boy...maybe I am bias, but I just think he is adorable. He is my first child with a real live dimple in his cheek!! He is so peaceful and content. My favorite time with him is when I go in for his feeding, and he is still asleep...oh to cuddle this sweet one and gently wake him. He has those pink sleepy cheeks and purses his lips...(sigh) I could just squeeze him and stay like that forever! I love nursing...I wish they would stay like this so much longer. Needing me so much. It makes me not take for granted my other children. They just grow up way too fast!
Isn't he gorgeous!!
At his last weigh in, he was 6lbs. 2oz. and I wouldn't be surprised if he has reached 7lbs by now...this boy loves to eat! The nurses who have been coming out to our home have become like family and we are sad that they are no longer needed! We were so blessed to receive a card from one of them saying how they were "blessed" to have been able to come into our home and she "fell in love with my children"!! (Thankfully one of my children chose to save his fit for after she left...we are by far less than perfect ;) but hey, we sure try!) Sometimes my heart could just burst with pride, and then I remember to thank God for sending us these precious children...they are purely a gift and are who they are because of Him. God has been merciful to us as parents and we have been blessed!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

OH he is filling out there...isn't he??? How sweet!!!! I am so happy he is doing so well!!!!!!

brandi said...

Oh I love him so much he is soooo adorable. Wish could kiss his cheeks :)

Cheryl said...

Oh My Goodness!

Look at that BIG BOY!!! Goodness!

So excited for you, Rossie!

Debbie said...

Wow! He is growing lots and looking content and alert. Nursing is just the best. You are a wonderful mom and doing a great job.