"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a God thing.

Okay, so I believe God is trying to do something in me, and He has put it on my heart to ask any of you sweet people who for some reason unknown to me choose to read my blog (I know I have 34 followers...it makes me so excited when someone hits that button to follow or leaves a comment...I am one of those wierdos!) a question.
So, here goes!
Do you really want to know me?
I have had quite a few e-mails, messages on Facebook and comments here on my blog due to Canaan's Story that have led me to prayer.
Lots of prayer.
I believe for a time, God is asking me to wear our lives on my sleeve. I am pretty sure I am not a fake person...I do live by my convictions and strive to be the woman God has called me to be.
Whether it be that one of you may challenge me to be really and truly real, or perhaps someone out there will gain something from what I have to say. (I'm sure it will be the first, which makes me a bit nervous!)
So, I am going to put it out there.
Is there anything any one of you might want to ask about myself or my family?
I would like to think that we have a somewhat interesting family. Just the fact that we haul our own water makes us very unique (believe me)...we have gone from a California-shower-everyday-family to a don't-flush-unless-you-poo-family!
Anyway, any and all questions are welcome. It could be that I am totally wrong, but I feel led to ask, and so I am. If it is a very personal question, you can e-mail me at rossieansolabehere@yahoo.com and I will not include your name when I answer.
Because I also believe that computer time can get very out of control, I am going to schedule it into my day. I will have 30 minutes in the morning before the kiddos wake, 30 minutes during nap and 30 minutes before bed. Sounds like a lot, but I am going to plan ahead just in case God is really going to do something...I know, "oh ye of little faith"!


Niccy said...

Dear Rossie, be blessed for your courage. I´m sure God wants us all to be honest. We like to show our beautiful side and what we get all done but there another part of us as well. So I can only encourage you to continue being honest. Be weak for HE is strong. And I think that are the posts that really are diamonds. But I´m curious as well. Tell me how you grew up. Was it a christian household ? How did you come close to the Saviour? Thanks for finding the time for us out there..(I´m from Germany and momma to 8 blessings) Love

Debbie said...


Thank you for being open and honest on your blog. I, too, love comments. It makes my day and no that does not seem weird. This is my communication with the world. After reading your blog for a while it seems that we do have some similarities such as living out in the 'wilderness' where God is teaching us to be dependent on HIm alone and not be easily influenced by the world. Hence, He took us from a city of 1 million to a small community far from family where my husband pastors 18 members. To get to the point, I just watched Food Inc. and I highly recommend it if you have not seen it and I am starting to move more toward homesteading to the best of my ability (there are still lots of roadblocks for us since we cannot have our own garden or animals (such as chickens). My husband has thought of asking someone to teach him how to hunt so that we can have deer, but now is not the time. The question is what has most helped you when it came to finding joy in the domestic arts and what are you currently doing in your homesteading? Just yesterday, my husband went online and purchased The West Ladies Homesteading DVD's and I cannot wait till they come. I am very excited about it all and teaching it to our children. I also wanted to let you know that I often think of those whose blog I read and pray for them.

Shannon said...

I think you are "real" and I like that. I get the feeling you can be classy or grunge out and get some real work done, too. I have been reading your blog for about a year now, so I think I know you as well as I can via computer and really I just can't think of a question that your posts have not already answered, yet. You inspire me and I can not wait to read the Q&A from this post.

Aaron and Amber said...

Hello and Blessings, I am not sure how I ran across you blog, but I have been enjoying reading it so much! We are your neighbors over in Northern Idaho. Mama to 3, ages 4, 3 and 20 months. I enjoy your ideas of chores, menus and shopping! :D We also homeschool. My question, is, how did you go from CA to MT and can you share your homesteading story. Maybe you already have, and I haven't seen it yet, just point me in the right direction! :D

Blessings to you beautiful family,