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Monday, April 26, 2010

The not-so-normal leaders of this not-so-normal crew!

So, Phil and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary on Sunday and I have been a bit envious of all you adorable girls posting pictures with your men. Neither one of us are huge on pictures and we seriously have like 5 of the two of us!! After much begging, he relented and allowed Gabrielle take a picture!
Well, unfortunately, Phil and I translate "a picture" very differently!
He was thinking literally A PICTURE and I was thinking more like take them until you get A GOOD PICTURE. It was a rather humorous photo session...I was jumping in back of him, in front of him trying to get a good pose all while he was trying to goose me and him saying, "What is really going on here?" and "Have you lost your mind?"
I was determined to make the most of it though!
My mom said we don't even know like we know how to kiss...which we do by the way ;)...but Phil thought I was a total wierdo when I told Gabrielle to zoom in and for Phil to hold the pose of kissing?
After he pinched me good for a few, I had to tell him we would just have to keep taking them until we got a good one! He finally came to his senses and this is just how it turned out!!
Now we officially have 11 pictures of the two of us!!

Thankyou Abraham, Ezra and Isabelle for holding up the black sheet and thankyou Gabrielle for the pictures! I know you did your best with what you had to work with!!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

You all are so cute!!!!!! I AM SURE THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN FUN TO WATCH!


Funny! And really really cute!