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Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is how we potty train 'round here in these parts!

Round here in these parts we have upgraded from the ol' outhouse to something more modern-like...such as potty in the middle of the living room!
Looks a little somthin' like this:
So, usually at about 2 years old, I break out the panties and the pot and we go to potty training. I would take a week that I knew I would be home and leave my child pretty much naked running around the house. I would set the timer for every 20 minutes but if they were able to go potty, I would set it for 45minutes. Then, I would have them sit on there about 5 -10 minutes or so.

Well, our house has been a bit crazy of late, so I decided to go a different route this time. Not willing to change diapers past 2 1/2 to 3, I decided I would see what Sophie did on her own and if nothing else, in a couple months (before she turned 3), I would resort back to my hard core potty training.

I placed her chair in the living room in the middle of the hustle and bustle of school and told her to sit down if she had to go potty. It took a couple of days of her just going and sitting down on it every once in awhile, but then one time I just saw a gleam in her eye...she said, "I think I go pee!" Sure enough...SHE DID!! It helped that 4 of her older siblings were jumping, clapping, cheering, clappin' and hollerin'...she thought she was pretty cool.

She hasn't had an accident since! It's been 4 days, and not once have I even reminded her. I don't know how long I can stand to have her potty chair in the middle of the living room but hey, it's workin'!

Off to buy some Mickey Mouse panties for her tomorrow!
How do ya'll wonderful mamas get 'er done?
Potty train I mean? ;)



Kya potty trained herself in a day. Wyatt has had me trying every trick in the book, but finally, it was the Skittles. One every time he went in the potty. He still has some pee pee accidents, but always gets the poop to the pot. Is Sophie even trained at night now? I haven't quite gotten Wyatt to that stage. Any tips for night time training?

Debbie said...

We do pretty much the same thing as you do and usually it is during the spring or summer months due to the very cold weather around here and the fact that they wear no bottoms. Plus, having 5 children, they have the benefit of brothers or sisters helping them. For my boys I usually started somewhere between 2 and 3. However, recently as I have been potty training my 3 yr. old son I thought that it would also be a great idea to potty train my 19 month old girl. I taught her the sign for potty and use it when she sits on the potty. She has only pottied once successfully. I am not stressed as I know that it will all work out eventually. Having 3 boys and 2 girls, my girls have been much easier so far. As for my 3 yr. old boy, I gave him a chocolate chip the first week every time he successfully pottied in the potty.

Texas Slowpoke said...

Love the pic!!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

YAY-HOO Sophie!! Adorable! I totally messed up potty training the first time by starting him too early thinking he was ready. It was a nightmare and took almost 9 months to be really truly bullet-proof. My 2nd and 3rd just decided they wanted undies and that was that, the same month they turned 2. Canaan was somewhere in between. He was easy to teach, just by watching his sibs, but he had a lot of accidents for probably 4-5 months. He was fully 2.5 before I knew he wouldn't have accidents.