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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick Breakfast Tip

This is a tip I have shared before, but it is worth sharing it again.
My days are a bit hectic around here and I have had to resort to some not so healthy breakfasts in order to get things going here in the morning, but I am clinging to there is a season for everything and this is just a season.
Cereal has become a norm again and so has instant oatmeal and poptart (you can cringe...I am too!)
Anyway, all my kids like one or the other and so the mess gets a little much! I have a solution for
In it I have prepared sandwich bags with measured cereal, oatmeal and poptarts. The kids go in there and pick out what they are having and then we also recycle the sandwich bags, so I have a grocery bag hanging in the pantry for them to put their used
The kids are the ones to measure it all out on our "Kitchen Day" which is currently Monday.
This bin helps with not having all the boxes and bags wrappers etc. on the mornings that we have to travel in for a doctors appt. or church...whatever. The bin gets put back in the pantry and the baggies got to the grocery bag.
Clean up is a breeze!
I still try to cook a healthy breakfast a few days a week and they are almost always still hungry after they finish off their selection from the bin, so I always have fruit handy...just to keep my mind at ease ;)
I also restarted my:
It has premeasured pretzels, crackers, cookies etc. for those days when snack time just creeps up on me or when we need snacks for the road...they just make their selection and we're done!!



I'm sorry to say, it is nice to hear that you have "hectic days." At times, I think you as a motherhood deity, prancing around in your high heels and perfectly coiffed hair with a happy smile and sweet sing songy voice. The fact that Poptarts have crossed those perfect Ansolabehere lips both shocks and pleases me to no end! Love you sis! Thanks for the welcome tips! LOVE the quick bin and recycling baggie idea--also love premeasured portions. My Wyatt can eat 400 goldfish and four Capri Suns in a sitting I think...and inevitably will not eat a wholesome meal the remainder of the day. :) XOXOXOXOX

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

These work really well! ;)