"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canaan is 3 months old tomorrow!

Well, I recovered a few more pictures from my mom's camera and just took time to remember where we were at just three short months ago.
It still amazes me just to see what God did not just for us, but for so many others. Thankyou everyone who e-mailed me, facebooked me and the cards and letters sharing how Canaan's testimony touched or changed you. We never know what God is doing behind the scenes and rarely do we get a chance to see, but all you who shared with us gave us that opportunity. I was humbled beyond belief at the new realization that we serve one Amazing and Awesome God!

This is Canaan just a week ago with his new cousin, Aspen Faith, whom is 1 month younger! ;)

I had to go back and read through Canaan's story to remind myself where we were at 3 months ago. What changes have happened since then!

Not only the changes Canaan has made, but the ones he inspired in our family! God has used him and this trial to strengthen marriage, to cause all of us to grow spiritually, make us view all our children as the gifts that they are and to value this life God has given us. To make the most and the best of every situation and have peace knowing that God is in control!

I watched the Duggar's bring home their baby girl tonight and it brought back so many memories of the miracle God provided for us.

Canaan has just now passed 8lbs. He is smiling and cooing and I am thrilled that he not only has one dimple...he has one in each cheek!!! My children are all IN LOVE with him and live to receive one of his adorable smiles!

He has a grouchy day every once in but that is a given and I don't mind a bit. He is still on oxygen and on medication for throwing up (please pray for that...it doesn't seem to be working and the alternative is surgery). We are hopeful that this is the last month for oxygen!

Mother's day this year, I felt much different than any other. Rather than feel like it was my day for a break and to be pampered (even though Phil spoiled me yet again!) I feel so undeserving of these precious children. I am the blessed one and my life would be so empty without them and my FABULOUS hubby!!


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

ISn't it amazing to see how he has grown??? I remember walking into his little room and being amazed at how tiny he was!!! Look at him now! He is such a miracle! YOUR miracle! I love both of you!

mosey said...

continuing to pray for your sweet one (I've rather been lurking, praying and reading since he was born) He is just adorable and I SO understand the changes you mentioned that just make us realize how precious each child is!

Happy Mothers day (a little late) to you!

brandi said...

I cant believe its been three months already!
It doesnt surprise me that God was able to use your family to minister to so many others. You guys are such a wonderful family who encourages so many lives to Gods glory. I love and miss you terribly.