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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now...THAT my friends is an indian taco!!

Please forgive the name of the food...I didn't do it. That is really what they are called...well, either that or Fat Albertos if you eat at The El Comedor in Great Falls, MT!
Only these are better, easier and MUCH cheaper!
I will give you my secrets!!
First of all, an Indian taco is pretty much a glorified taco without a shell. In place of a shell is fry bread!
Don't know how to make fry bread?
I am about to give you some top secret information!!
One little thing I don't like about fry bread, though, is that it is chewy. You have to have a knife to cut into it!
Secret #1
Grands buttermilk biscuits!
Just roll them out as thin as you can and pop them in about of an inch of hot oil. I just do mine in a frying pan.
This is what they will look like:
Secret #2:
Make A LOT!!
In the morning you can heat them up...put on a little butter and honey or syrup and YUM!!
So, now you know...it is no longer my secret. If you become famous with these little tricks, please give credit where credit is due.
That being said...I must say that my step dad, Roger, did lead me in the direction of cheating with the fry bread using biscuits...I just kept trying till I found something
We top ours with:
Taco meat (usually made with deer burger)
Sour cream
The sky is the limit my friends!!

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