"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Saturday, December 18, 2010

I find comfort in knowing that testimonies come from trials!

A few of my kids have had croup over the course of our family's life....but, nothing could have prepared me for Ezra's, "Mom, I think something is wrong with Isabelle!"
I looked in the back of my car and she was hunched over, drool coming from her mouth,taking the tiniest gasps for air and when I got the flashlight out to look better (it was late) her lips were blue.
It started out a fun morning of shopping in Great Falls. She had a little cough that afternoon, the barking kind, and I knew croup was coming on, so we finished up our shopping so we could get her home and under a steam tent.
Only, when we got back into town an hour and a half later...that is how I found her sitting in the back of the suburban.
We all thought she was sleeping.
Long story short, the almost had to airlift her to a bigger hospital, but were able to finally get her to breath with a steroid shot.
We spent almost 3 days and 2 nights in the Big Sandy hospital.
This all happening only 3 days after Sophie took that chunk out of her eye and just 4 days after that, Phil threw his back out!!
No sob story...these facts are just needed to prove my point!
Every trial we have as a family, we are reminded of 2 things.
We need God, He is REAL, He is faithful, He is watching and He hears our prayers!
Trials lead to testimony!
Everything we have in our lives is because He has shown our family mercy. Every good and perfect gift is from God.
Our children
Our job
Our spouse
Our home
Our car
The air we breathe
Unfortunately, all these things are here on earth and earth is temporary. We are not guaranteed that we will have them tomorrow or even in the next hour.
Life is frail.
Knowing that, we could choose to live in fear, but it is no use. We know there are no guarantees. So we need to cherish them while we have them. Don't miss a beat! Be thankful for what you have knowing that it is by God's mercy that you have anything.
Don't live in fear.
Remember that:
We need God, He is real, He is faithful, He is watching and He hears our prayers!
Trials lead to testimony!!



Oh man friend, I literally stopped breathing while I was reading about Isabelle. What terror you must have experienced. I am so glad your children have you, I am so thankful for your constant representation of Godliness and I am so thankful for our BIG GOD who can pull us through anything...with joy. Blessings to you sister. I deeply miss you.

brooke lynn said...

praise God for his hand of protection!! yes, with every trial we walk through comes a great testimony to share with others.
God bless you all this CHRISTmas!