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Friday, January 28, 2011

Isabelle (Tink) Turns 6!

Of all my peanuts, this one seems to be growing up the fastest.
She is just a pure joy to be around. Always (well almost...she's not perfect) happy.
She loves her friends and watches over her family.
She is very much delicate...tiny little features and when she speaks, it seems like her words should come out in bubbles.
Her friend, Ryan, nicknamed her "Tink" a few years back and it stuck.
She really does remind everyone of Tinkerbell. Sweet, pixie, and when she gets mad...it is almost cute!All that to say...Isabelle, aside from maybe Abraham, LOVES everything hunting, LOVES dead things and LOVES hunting and fishing!!
She has been known to sit in the same position for an hour, not moving, and never bringing in her line. Even I was skeptical...BUT she caught a fish!! The only one that day in the whole family to catch one.
This girl has mastered the art of patience!
Isabelle was born 5 weeks early and weighed 5lbs. 9oz. She was my "practice" for Canaan's arrival to come 5 years later! :)
A short stay in the NICU for about 2 weeks and the nurses dubbed her "Perfect Petite Princess".
She was the most beautiful baby (I cried when Gabrielle, my first child, was born... and TOTALLY did not look like the beautiful baby I pictured in my head before she was born. Terrible but true.) with perfect heart shaped lips and she literally NEVER cried!
She is always original...never wants to be like anyone else. She dances to her own beat, and so far that has done well for her ;)
We love you so much Miss Isabelle, more than you will ever know!
What a blessing you are to this family...God bless you sweetheart.

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Heavenly Chaos said...

Awe...she is getting so big Rossie! We love you Tinkerbell!!