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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New house pictures...Part 1

So...I HAD to put this up by the front door, just as a warning to all those that enter!! ;)
Here are the pictures I promised...or the first set anyway! I had to do it in parts otherwise, I'd be posting 5 million all in this post, and that would take FOREVER and a day!!

The Living Room:

This is one of my favorite little nooks!

I know you are dying to get a glimpse of our bedroom!! ;)
I loathe white walls, or in this case pastel purple, so we WILL be painting come spring when we can open up the windows!!
Your trash is my treasure!
I got these little windows from my sister and turned them into dry erase boards and found little horseshoe hooks at the flea market to hang keys on.
You can see we have a birthday coming up in our home!!
Isabelle will be 6 on Friday!!
The Dining Room...came with the little boy there!!
This was a really yucky old china hutch I got from my grandma...painted it apple green over some crackle finish...added a little chicken wire and voila!!
Out the front window....
Out the back window...bliss full huh?!?!

Part 2 hopefully comin' tomorrow!!


Aaron and Amber said...

Your view is just wonderful! The house looks so warm and inviting! :) Thanks for sharing!

Tiara said...

how warm is your home, I am sure those who come in feel very "at home and comfortable" loved the window with the horseshoe hooks!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I Am SOOO happy for you! Your home does not look like you just moved in. You have put so much away already and decorated so much!!! It looks great!!! You have been busy!!! Can;t wait to see more!!

Nicole said...

All the best for the new start in a new house. It looks very cozy. Love from Germany