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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly "Day In The Life Of The A's" video!

Phil got me a video camera for Christmas and I have not a clue as to how to go about making a video, at least one that anyone would want to watch.
My brother gave me a great idea for my blog...to recap a day a week or the week over all and post it as a video here!!
This is attempt #1...terrible, so bear with me, I promise to polish my skills!!
Disclaimer for the video...my children are shooting guns. Abraham even kills a rabbit, which I kindly left out that footage. Please no calls to CPS. I promise we take every safety precaution and firmly believe that our children will learn how to properly handle a weapon. After all, they are holding life itself in their hands while a gun is in them and we take that very seriously.
These are our future hunters :) and what better way to train them than to allow practice!
So...this will probably be very boring, but I had to start somewhere.
FYI...it's not all guns, our days here are usually very diverse, so we ended on a MUCH lighter note! :)
Click here for the video:

1 comment:

Annette said...

That was great! My almost three year old LOVES guns. We have a picture of him and my husband's new gun and that kid has the biggest smile on his face. He couldn't wait to get his hands on it! Ha! We have a hunter in the making ;-)