"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been on a mission to find the perfect packing system...


 THAT is what my packing usually starts out like.  And...this was just a couple day trip!!

After reading the Duggar book, I was excited to try out their packing system...using a little twist of my own.

The Duggar system rolls a certian type of clothing for each day and puts them all into one grocery bag.  For instance:
All boys pants for Tuesday in one sack
All boys shirts in another sack and so on...

We don't have as many children, so I was able to fit all children's and my own outfit  in each bag (which meant 7 outfits in each sack)...this is what it started out like.
 We ended up making that first pile look like the next photo...plus we had one bag with everyone's PJ's and then one more bag with everyone's Wednesday clothing.

The best part was Tuesday morning, I got out this bag and passed each member their outfit...they went to put it and brought me their dirty clothes which went into this now empty bag!  I felt super organized!!
 This is what what we took along on our 2 day trip...all clothing including socks and undies fit into one bag and our toiletries fit into the other little bag.

When we got home...all our dirties were packed neatly into 3 grocery bags just waiting to be put into laundry!!

What was our trip for?? 

The little girls had oral surgery and that is a WHOLE 'nother story!!  ;)


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

neat. i'm sorry i didn;t call you back. I will explain it all when I call you tomorrow!

Shannon said...

I do some similar stuff. I pack one bag that has all the kids sleep outfits, underwear, and socks. I put the underwear in this bag because at night after baths is when they need underwear.

I like the idea of rolling the clothing up. I usually just fold it all, but the rolling might help with the wrinkles and seperating (handing out each persons clothes). Depending on the length of the trip I do already use the bag a day system some. This does not work well if you are going somewhere that you are uncertain of the temperatures. Sometimes I try to pack all the kids clothing together in one large suitcase and everyone has a "stack".

Ahhhh... packing... one very good reason to stay home. ;)

Tiara said...

very good idea. I have always rolled our towels and sleep gear, but haven't thought about clothes.

Tara said...

So this was a long time ago, but I totally do this! I only have 4 kids, but it works SOOO well to put everyones clothes in one bag per day. :)