"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh it's ON!!

So, I have yelled, kicked and pitched a fit  gently asked my children to PULEEEEEEZE pick up after themselves for 12 years now to no avail.

Now....it's on!!  While preparing to go to the fair tomorrow (a surprise...I am attempting Jim Bob Duggar's efforts to be unpredictable in order to always keep the kids on their toes and continually wondering, what will mom and dad do next!) anyway, while preparing to go, a thought occurred to me!!  I just went through the house, once again picking up favorite ball caps, purses, toys etc...and I decided I was going to do my very own "lost and found" box!!

The plan:

1.  Collect over time all items I find lying around the house and place them in my lost and found.

2.  Give the children their little allowance gift.
We do not pay for chores, but every now and then we will give a few dollars when we go out to do something fun...LIKE THE FAIR TOMORROW!!
(We also pay for jobs we would have to hire out...our children are not slaves, but they will know how to run a house (their house), expecting nothing, when they are ready to fly the coop!)

3.  Bring out my lost and found!!  I will show mercy by doing this all before we go to the fair so that they are able to bring their prized posessions...aren't I a nice mom?!?!

4.  It will cost 'em baby!!  $.25 per item to retrieve it from my special box.

5.  Lesson learned...probably not...YET!!  It may take a few rounds to get the hint, but I try to see things "Big Picture"!

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Tiara said...

another great idea. my hubby suggested that a long time ago, and said at weeks end, if things aren't claimed take to goodwill.