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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hunt Is ON!!

This is what Ezra looked at the end of this day!!

In an effort to catch upon all the blogging I have been unable to do because of computer issues...this is quite an old happening!  May 15th to be exact!!

 Every birthday,we try to make a banner, sign or in this case a flag!
 We made a flag for Ezra's birthday because...we planned out TREASURE HUNT for him!!
 Just like my mama used to do for us growing up (even on my 25th birthday) we mapped out the yard and house and provided clues that led them fromone place to another!
 Every once in awhile he needed a little help with his reading, but very proudly he read almost all the chicken scratch clues on his own!!

 The final clue provided him with an essential tool...you know it!!  A metal detector!!  What fun for this little (BIG) boy. I think his dad was more excited about this little part of the hunt than he was!!
 See!!  He had to joininon the fun!!
 What could it be in there?!?!
Or in this case, Nana and Papa's gift...a tin full of quarters!!

 The kids all helped make cupcakes and Gabrielle did a special photo shoot in order to make this Birthday collage!!
 We LOVE anything homemade, so of course this fabulous card from a friend was a favorite...plus it had drawings of guns and knives!!  It is still hanging on his wall!!

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Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

happy birthday ezra!!!!!!!
looks like lots of fun!!!!!!!